Pollinate - Week 1

By Lily and Anna

January 9th, 2017

Week 1

9th-15th Jan

We moved in! We being Anna Girvan, Lily McLeish, Matthew Evans and Tinuke Craig. We are all theatre makers/directors and have been looking for a space to play in for some time and the wonderful people in Brainchild and Illuminate at Platform welcomed us in with open arms.

This first week we made our space cosy and welcoming as our main aim for this months residency is to spread creativity and bring people into Platform who may never have heard of it before. On Monday Lily rehearsed in what we dubbed the sofa room. On Tuesday we started to venture out into the colder bigger space but pop on a few heaters and we were away. Lily was directing A Colder Water Than Here for the Vaults festival so used the space for rehearsals while I was able to read plays in the comfort of the sofa room.

Wednesday marked our first OPEN SANDWICH. It was a lunchtime slot that encouraged anyone in the building, or outside, to come and join us for lunch and a chat. The first session we had actors, Brainchild artists and our whole Pollinate clan. In the evening Tinu and Anna ran an audition workshop for LESOCO, which was very successful, and the students wanted to make into a regular session.

The bigger space was brilliant to experiment with projectors, which Lily needed to use for the Vaults show and at the weekend, because we were working elsewhere, we were able to open the space up to a group who wanted to film a music video in our pretty warehouse industrial space.