Marco Miehling

Illuminate Productions, Artist in Residency

February 5th, 2018

Marco Miehling, recently graduated with a Masters from the Royal College of Art in London and begins his new 6 month residency at Platform Southwark for Illuminate Productions.

Miehling’s work consists of site-specific installations, sculptures, engineered objects, (technical) drawings, and virtual 3D-modelling. His artistic methodology is premised on a multidisciplinary way of working and involves collaborations with other artists and institutions.

His last residency was at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and was awarded the Artists' Collecting Society Studio Prize 2017 and the Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award 2017 .

There was Nowhere to Sit PT. I - PT. III is a series of three exhibitions Marco Miehling will present during the time of his artist-in-residence. Here, Marco Miehling’s both participates and intervenes in the contemporary discourse around site-specific artworks. He investigates objects and their potential state of becoming in relation to the site(lessness).